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Discover the World Travel Shop Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to Discover the World Marketing Travel Pty Ltd ("DWM") (trading as Discover Travel Shop), and we are committed to respecting your privacy. This document declares the undertakings by DWM in relation to its handling of your Personal Information.

Data Collection

DWM undertakes to collect Personal Information by means that are:
• fair
• legal
• transparent

On some pages, you can purchase travel, make travel requests and register to receive marketing specials. The types of personal information collected on these pages include: (i) name, (ii) address, (iii) phone number (iv) email address and (v) credit/debit card information.

If you are purchasing travel for someone other than yourself or for someone who is accompanying you on travel purchased, DWM may collect personal information about that individual also. By purchasing travel for someone else, you represent that you have obtained the consent of such other individuals prior to providing DWM with their Personal Information.

When you visit the website of DWM, we place a "cookie" on your personal computer. A cookie is a small data file that is transmitted between computers to help us recognise you when you return to our website. Any information stored in the cookie is encrypted, so no one can view the data it contains through unauthorised access to your computer. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. You can, however, instruct your browser to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from any site you may visit.

We may also have third-party advertisers on our site. Third-party advertiser may use anonymous information about your visits to their site in order to provide advertisements about travel-related goods and services in which you may be interested.

Data Security

DWM undertakes to store Personal Information in a manner that ensures security against unauthorised access, alteration or deletion, at a level commensurate with its sensitivity.

DWM undertakes to store Personal Information only in jurisdictions where data protections are at least equivalent to those required under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines.

DWM undertakes to transmit Personal Information in a manner that ensures security against unauthorised access, alteration or deletion, at a level commensurate with its sensitivity.
DWM undertakes to implement appropriate measures to ensure security of Personal Information against inappropriate behaviour by DWM's staff-members and contractors. These include:
• training for staff in relation to privacy
• access control, to limit access to Personal Information to those staff and contractors who have legitimate reasons to access it
• reminders to staff and contractors from time to time about the importance of data privacy, and the consequences of inappropriate behaviour

Data Use

Use refers to the application of Personal Information by any part of DWM, or any staff-member or contractor of DWM in the course of their work. DWM will use Personal Information in order to provide and enhance the products or services offered:
• To record your travel preferences, to make reservations or acquire travel insurance on your behalf, or to communicate with you about your travel plans
• To issue invoices, administer accounts, collect and process payments
• To provide tips or guidance on how to use our site, inform you of new features on our site or provide other information that may be of interest to users
• To personalise the service we provide to you, tailor your experience at our site to your interests and make more appropriate travel recommendations
• To send you e-mails, e-newsletters, personalised offers via direct messaging or other communications about our services, if you have subscribed to receive this information or you have not advised us that you do not wish to receive such communications
• To manage our site, diagnose technical problems, improve content and allocate the resources of our systems so that your experience with our site is as efficient as possible
• To process and track your transactions and to send you information about our and our affiliates' and business partners' products and services and other information and materials that may be of interest to you
• To develop, enhance, market, sell or provide our products or services, or those of companies with which we have a commercial relationship, but only if you have granted us permission to do so or we are otherwise able to do so under applicable law
• To effect a corporate transaction in connection with the sale, merger, spin-off or other corporate reorganisation of our corporation, where the information is provided to the new controlling entity in regular course of business
• To audit compliance with our policies and contractual obligations
• As permitted by, and to comply with, any legal or regulatory requirements or provisions
• For any other purpose to which you consent

Data Disclosure

Disclosure refers to making Personal Information available to any party other than DWM and You. The term disclosure may include many different conditions of data transfer, including selling, renting, trading, sharing and giving.
DWM may disclose Personal Information under the following circumstances:
• To those travel service providers with which you make arrangements through our site. We provide them with the Personal Information needed to make and complete the booking or reservation
• To organisations that perform services for or on behalf of DWM, for example to provide customer service, deliver tickets, ship items, process credit cards, for research, marketing, data processing, to measure the use of our site, to facilitate usage by a visitor or to offer credit card services or evaluate your creditworthiness. We will share with these companies only that Personal Information which they need to work on our behalf. Some of these service providers may be located in countries outside Australia. Your Personal Information will be provided to these organisations only if they agree to use such information solely for the purpose of providing services to DWM, and under the instructions of DWM, and with respect to that information, to act in a manner consistent with the relevant principles articulated in this Policy. By submitting your personal data, you agree to the transfer, storing and processing of your data outside of Australia
• We may collaborate with other companies to offer you additional products or services, for example, through sweepstakes, raffles and promotions. We will share Personal Information that is necessary for these other companies to provide the products or services that you have requested. This policy does not cover the use of your Personal Information by these other companies. We encourage you to read a company's privacy policy before requesting any of its products or services
• To protect our site and our rights, to protect ourselves against liability or prevent fraudulent activity; or where it is necessary to permit us to pursue available remedies or limit any damages that we may sustain
• To effect a corporate transaction, in connection with the sale, merger, spin-off or other corporate reorganisation of our corporation, where the information is provided to the new controlling entity in regular course of business
• Where the information is public
• To our insurers and to regulatory agencies

Access by You to Your Personal Data

DWM undertakes to provide you with access to Personal Information, subject to only such conditions and processes as are reasonable in the circumstances. In particular, DWM undertakes to enable access:
• conveniently
• without unreasonable delay
• without cost

DWM undertakes to establish and operate identity authentication protections for access to Personal Information that are appropriate to its sensitivity, but practical. This may involve some inconvenience; for example, relatively straightforward procedures may be involved in order to provide you with access through a channel that you have previously registered with DWM (such as a particular email address), but may impose more onerous procedures if you wish to use some other channel.

In the event that you dispute some aspect of Personal Information, DWM undertakes to take reasonable steps in relation to the amendment, supplementation or deletion of Personal Information. You undertake:
• not to seek access for frivolous purposes, or unreasonably frequently
• to accept that deletion of some data may not be consistent with the provision of particular services by DWM to you

Handling of Enquiries, General Concerns and Complaints
If you have enquiries, general concerns, or complaints about these Terms, or about DWM's behaviour in relation to these Terms, you undertake:
• to communicate them in the first instance:
- to DWM only
- in sufficient detail
- through a channel made available by DWM for that purpose

DWM undertakes to:
• provide one or more channels for communications to DWM, which are convenient to users
• promptly provide acknowledgement of the receipt of communications, including the provision of a copy of the communication, the date and time it was registered, and DWM's reference code for the communication
• promptly provide a response to the communication, in an appropriate and meaningful manner

You further undertake to not pursue DWM through any Regulator or the media:
• until and unless DWM has had a reasonable opportunity to respond to the initial communication
• while DWM and you are conducting a meaningful dialogue about the matter


DWM declares that its undertakings in these Terms are intended to create legal obligations, and that those obligations are intended to be enforceable under appropriate laws in appropriate jurisdictions. These include laws relating to data protection, privacy, fair trading, corporations and criminal laws.

You undertake to seek enforcement only in a jurisdiction that is relevant to the transactions that have taken place between You and DWM, in particular the jurisdiction in which you live or in which you performed the relevant acts, and the jurisdiction in which DWM is domiciled or performed the relevant acts.

Changes to These Privacy Undertakings

• not to unilaterally make any material change to these Terms in a manner that reduces the protections for Personal Information
• to take all practicable steps to prevent any company that acquires this company or any of its relevant assets from materially changing the Terms applicable to Personal Information in a manner that reduces the protections for Personal Information
• where it makes changes to these Terms, to ensure that the differences between successive versions are readily accessible
• to maintain all prior versions of these Terms in such a manner that they are dated, and readily accessible


DWM means Discover the World Marketing Travel Pty Ltd.
Personal Information means data that is capable of being associated with you, whether or not it includes an explicit identifier such as your name or customer number. In particular, it encompasses all data that DWM is capable of correlating with you, using such means as server-logs and cookie-contents.
Personal Information does not refer to data that can no longer be associated with you. This includes aggregated data that does not and cannot identify the individuals whose data are included in the aggregation.
Consent means your concurrence with an action to be taken by DWM. Consent may be express or implicit, but in either case must be informed and freely-given.

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