Nat Geo Bhutan Private Expedition


DURATION: 9 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light-Moderate | Ringed by the staggering peaks of the Himalaya, Bhutan is a remote Buddhist kingdom where age-old traditions hold strong. Amid verdant valleys dotted with historic fortresses and shrines, delve into Bhutan’s rich culture with a private guide, discovering how everyday life is intertwined with Mahayana Buddhism. Meet with monks, nuns, farmers, and artisans; take part in ancient rituals; and witness firsthand the cautious evolution of this tiny kingdom.

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Nat Geo Borneo Private Expedition


DURATION: 10 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light-Moderate | Misty mountains and jungle-shrouded rivers, colorful coral reefs and rain forests teeming with rare species: few places on Earth offer such a bounty of natural wonders as Borneo. Uncover the rich biodiversity of Malaysian Borneo on a journey from the wild interior of Sabah to idyllic Gaya Island. Stay in jungle lodges nestled within wildlife reserves, surrounded by canopy walkways suspended through the treetops. Set out on day and night hikes and river safaris to search for orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and leopard cats; and snorkel in tropical waters inhabited by sea turtles and a rainbow of fish.

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Nat Geo China Private Expedition


DURATION: 10 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light | Beneath the glittering skyscrapers and expanding skylines, the ancient heart of China endures, a living testament to a long and colorful history. Exploring alongside private guides, uncover the legacy of imperial China at palaces and tombs, fortified cities and revered temples. Wander through gardens and local markets, spend time with artisans and chefs, and get an intimate look at the vibrant culture of China, past and present.

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Nat Geo Japan Private Expedition


DURATION: 10 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light | Japan delights in contrasts—flashing neon lights and serene bamboo forests, ornate temples and bustling fish markets, the frenetic energy of modern Tokyo and the traditional charms of ancient Kyoto. Navigate old and new Japan with a private guide, discovering how the country’s layered history defines its fascinating culture. Get a glimpse into the beguiling world of geishas in old Tokyo, stay at a ryokan in Hakone, and dig into the bold food scene of Osaka.

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Nat Geo Mongolia Private Expedition


DURATION: 9 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light-Moderate | The timeless spirit of Mongolia can be found amid its rolling steppe and endless deserts. Embrace the intriguing way of life of Mongolia’s nomads as you explore the soaring Altay Mountains, spot yak and ibex in the rugged Yolyn Am valley, and traverse the Gobi’s undulating dunes. In Ulaanbaatar, climb up to the the monumental statue of Genghis Khan, Mongolia’s national hero, and visit museums and monasteries with a private guide. Then head into the countryside to sleep in the serenity of a traditional ger tent and spend time with nomadic families.

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Nat Geo Thailand Private Expedition


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light-Moderate | The lush jungles and misty mountains of Thailand lend an enchanting backdrop to cities where colonial architecture, serene temples, and chaotic open-air markets exist side by side. Delve into the colorful chaos of Bangkok while exploring jumbled streets and canals brimming with market vendors and tempting Thai concoctions, and duck into gilded temples with private guides for an insider’s take on Theravada Buddhism. In the province of Pran Buri, settle into a beachfront retreat, and head inland to discover forests where wild elephants roam. Then fly to Chiang Mai to celebrate centuries-old traditions in the heart of the country’s cultural epicenter.

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Nat Geo Vietnam and Cambodia Private Expedition


DURATION: 10 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light | From the temples of Angkor to the karst peaks of Ha Long Bay, experience the diverse landscapes and intriguing cultural heritage of Indochina. Immerse yourself in this beautiful land in many different ways: glide past floating villages on the Mekong in a sampan boat, soak up the atmosphere in ancient temples, and spend two full days among the astonishing Khmer sites of Angkor. Along the way, get acquainted with local culture during a water-puppet show, a cooking lesson, and visits to artisan villages.

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