Nat Geo Mongolia: Land of the Nomad


DURATION: 12 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light / Moderate | Amid the stark beauty of Mongolia’s varied landscapes lives one of the world's last surviving nomadic cultures, whose customs pre-date the age of Genghis Khan. On a journey from the mystical steppe to the remote dunes of the Gobi desert, experience an ancient way of life. Ride horseback across wetlands, hike in a dramatic oasis, and watch the sun set on the Flaming Cliffs. Stay in traditional ger camps and witness the exhilarating contests at a celebration of Naadam.

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Nat Geo Mongolia Photography Expedition


DURATION: 12 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light / Moderate | Home to sweeping landscapes and a nomadic culture that pre-dates the age of Genghis Khan, Mongolia offers a stunning array of photographic opportunities. Travel through the vast steppe to capture images of Mongolian horses, traditional ger camps, and camel-herding families. Catch the towering dunes of the Gobi at sunrise and the brilliant Flaming Cliffs at sunset, and spend a thrilling day documenting Naadam, Mongolia’s most celebrated festival.

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Nat Geo Bhutan Photography Expedition


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Moderate | Set out into the mountains of Bhutan to shoot images of exquisite temples, timeless farming villages, and the towering Himalaya. Capture scenes from a lively market or crimson-robed monks against a backdrop of whitewashed dzongs. Hike into forests where wild moss creates an otherworldly atmosphere, and photograph breathtaking panoramas of snow-clad peaks.

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Nat Geo Bhutan: Kingdom in the Clouds


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Moderate | Within the folds of Bhutan's mountains lie sacred temples, dazzling rice fields, and villages unchanged by time. On this magical journey, experience the wonders of the last Mahayana Buddhist kingdom of the Himalaya. Hike to ancient dzongs, meet local families, wander through serene monasteries, discover unique artistic traditions, and witness one of Bhutan’s spectacular local festivals.

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Nat Geo China: Imperial Treasures and Natural Wonders


DURATION: 15 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light | With the Great Wall’s 13,170 miles, Xi’an’s 8,000 terra-cotta warriors, the Forbidden City’s 800 palaces, China has a predisposition for grandeur. But the magic of the Middle Kingdom lies in personal encounters, whether its a rickshaw ride through old Beijing or a tai chi lesson on a riverboat. Get an insider’s take on this country of contrasts, meeting conservationists and archaeologists, navigating karst caves and misty gorges, and exploring the legacy of ancient empires and the futuristic momentum of Shanghai.

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Nat Geo Japan: Winter Festivals and Snow Monkeys


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light / Moderate | Venture to Japan during the heart of winter, when snow-mantled mountains, frost-fringed wetlands, and steaming crater lakes set the stage for an incredible wildlife spectacle. Explore dynamic Tokyo, and then fly to the wild island of Hokkaido to witness the splendid courtship displays of the endangered red-crowned crane. Search for red foxes and sika deer amid the geothermal landscapes of Akan National Park, and learn about the ancient ways of the indigenous Ainu people. Continue to Sapporo to experience the city’s internationally-renowned winter festival. Conclude our journey amid the hot springs of Kanbayashi Onsen, enjoying up-close encounters with Japan’s famous snow monkeys.

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Nat Geo Inside Japan


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light / Moderate | Discover Japan’s intriguing contrasts on a journey inspired by National Geographic Traveler’s January/February 2012 article "Japan’s Past Perfect." Explore Kyoto’s iconic temples and ascend to the sacred pilgrimage site of Mount Koya. Step back in time in the age-old villages of Shikoku, then encounter cutting-edge architecture on Naoshima and the bustle of a revitalized Hiroshima.

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Nat Geo Inside Japan Photography Expedition


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light / Moderate | An intoxicating mix of time-honored tradition and cutting-edge modernity, Japan is a fascinating place to photograph. In Kyoto, enjoy a private photo opportunity with elegant geisha and explore the lantern-lit streets of the Gion district. Photograph the thatched villages of Shikoku before traveling to Hiroshima, the island of Miyajima, and more.

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Nat Geo Myanmar (Burma) Photography Expedition


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light | As Myanmar has opened its doors to the world, it reveals a people still tied to ancient traditions and a country bursting with cultural treasures—a combination that makes it a magical photographic destination. In the company of a National Geographic photographer, capture images of monks and artisans, lively markets and sparkling temples. Set out on sunrise and sunset photo shoots, and enjoy rare opportunities to document prayer ceremonies and traditional dancers. Catch the sunrise on the stupa-studded plains of Bagan, and photograph fishermen poling past the floating gardens of Inle Lake. This photography expedition is led by a National Geographic photographer and is limited to 16 travelers.

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Nat Geo Myanmar (Burma): Land of the Golden Pagodas


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light | Gilded stupas and soaring Buddha statues, serene waterways lined with floating gardens, fascinating handicrafts and hill tribes: these are just a few of Myanmar’s little-known treasures. Throughout many decades of colonial and military rule, the people of Myanmar held fast to their ancient Buddhist traditions. Immerse yourself in the rich culture that has evolved here, from the timeless stilt villages of Inle Lake to the glorious temples of Bagan and Mandalay.

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Nat Geo Japan: Winter Festivals and Snow Monkeys Photography


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light / Moderate | Focus your lens on Japan’s exquisite wintertime landscapes, where snow, ice, and steaming hot springs provide the backdrop to a thrilling wildlife display. Explore dynamic Tokyo, and then fly north to Hokkaido to document the island’s magnificent red-crowned cranes as they perform splendid courtship dances amid the snow. Zoom in on whooper swans congregating on crater lakes, and capture the ancient ways of the Ainu people. Marvel at ice and snow sculpture masterpieces at a winter festival; soak in soothing hot springs; and conclude your journey in the mountains of Nagano, photographing Japan's famed snow monkeys.

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Nat Geo Tibet and Nepal Photography Expedition


DURATION: 15 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Moderate | Journey through the Himalaya, from the stark Tibetan Plateau to the verdant foothills of Nepal. In Lhasa, frame the Potala Palace in the golden hues of morning, and listen to the lilting chant of monks during a private butter-lamp-lighting ceremony. Snap portraits of traditional Tibetan dancers at a specially-arranged performance. Venture to the Everest North Face Base Camp to photograph the world’s highest peaks, and delve into the colorful bustle of Kathmandu with your camera.

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Nat Geo Tibet and Nepal: Expedition to the Highest Himalaya


DURATION: 15 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Moderate | Delve into the fascinating world of mountain lore and Tibetan and Nepalese cultures while visiting the fabled cities of Lhasa, Shigatse, and Kathmandu. Take in some of the most magnificent mountain vistas on Earth as we journey across the Tibetan Plateau to the North Face Base Camp of Mount Everest and into Nepal.

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Nat Geo India by Rail Photography Expedition


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light / Moderate | In India, everyday life plays out in bright colors, a vivid juxtaposition of ancient and modern against a backdrop of intricate architecture. Traveling aboard the Palace on Wheels train, document this enchanting land on photo shoots in rural villages, at the Taj Mahal, and amid evocative dunes. Focus on birdlife at a wildlife sanctuary, and snap action shots of dancers at a private performance.

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Nat Geo India's Fabled Rajasthan by Rail


DURATION: 11 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light / Moderate | Step aboard the Palace on Wheels and set off on an unforgettable rail journey to the fabled cities of Rajasthan. Venture into majestic forts and palaces, visit the immense Amber Fort high above Jaipur, and watch the sunset light up the Taj Mahal. Experience one of India’s celebrated festivals or fairs on each departure and immerse yourself in the colors and rhythms of India’s captivating culture.

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Nat Geo Trans-Siberian Rail Expedition


DURATION: 16 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light | Set out on an epic train journey across one-third of the world, traveling from Vladivostok, Russia to the heart of Moscow along the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. From the Mongolian steppe to Lake Baikal’s remote shores to the snow-capped Ural Mountains, trace the history of tsars, exiles, and Mongols in the comfort of our luxury train, the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. Encounter remote cultures and the unique architecture of Siberia’s wooden cottages and Moscow’s onion domes.

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Nat Geo Japan Family Expedition


DURATION: 9 Days | ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light | Neon-lit cityscapes, ancient temples clinging to forested hillsides and markets brimming with exotic ingredients: Japan is a feast for the senses. Experience an intriguing combination of cutting-edge modernity and time-honored tradition as we explore dazzling Tokyo, elegant Kyoto and ancient Nara. Wander through exquisite shrines and palaces where nobles once lingered, go hiking in a steaming volcanic valley near Mount Fuji. Speed aboard a bullet train to explore the timeless mountain town of Takayama, and don a kimono to discover the intricate art of the Japanese tea ceremony.

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