Discover incredible history and an array of cultures


Discover Europe in either one of the leading yacht cruise lines worlwide or on a small luxury cruise ship. Whether your dream cruise holidays includes, sun-drenched relaxtion, cultural immersion, historical interludes, nature, scenic marvels, culinary sensations or adventurous thrills, either privately or shared with other like minded travellers. We offer you elite cruise lines Variety Yachts, Celestyal Cruises and the ultra-luxurious Hebridean Princess Island Cruise. 

We offer a myraid of amazing cruise holidays to some of the world's most spectacular destinations including: 


The Wild beautiful coast of Scotland is scattered with hundreds of islands and islets shaped by the relentless pounding of the sea and the ever-changing weather. Sublimely secluded, all the unique, forming a world apart tat is little-known and accessible to the very few - yours to explore from the comfort of the delightfully small ship, Hebridean Princess. Experience their magic and mystery; revel in their rich diversity from the Firth of Clyde to the Inner and Outer Hebrides, and over the Pentland Firth to the Northern Isles with their distinctive Nordic feel. Come discover these precious island gems.


A Hebridean River Cruise is a truly unique way to see central Europe.  From on board the elegant river cruiser, Royal Crown, you can sail into the very heart of iconic towns and romantic cities and explore the rich history and colourful centres this part of the world has to offer.


MEDITTERANEAN - (Greece, Adriatic, Spain & Portugal)

Discover the most popular cruises taking you to the mythological Greek Islands. the Romans looked upon Greek culture and learning as the pre-eminent path to knowledge of art, philosophy and political theory, and today you can un-cover snapshots of the past, or simply enjoy holiday visiting unhurried white-washed villages flanking inviing beaches, people watching at lazy cafes, shopping all day or dancing the night away.

Close by and equally evoking is the Adriaic and Croatia. Crystal clear waters, medieval walled cities and a history that catapults you through several millennia of empires and peoples of Roman-Hellenistic heritage. 

Across the Middle Sea visit Spain, where you'll have the chance to tour Seville famous for its gothic cathedral and Alcazar Palace, or in Granada stroll the Alhambra Palace with its rich Mudéjar style decoration, before visiting Spain's Andalucian horse, sherry and bullfighting regions. Also visit Portugal and Gibraltar. 

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As the smallest luxury cruise ship afloat, the Hebridean Princess effortlessly accesses the remotest islands, lochs and bays beyond te reach of larger vessels. Visit 2018 Cruise Calendar for more cruises.

A Hebridean River Cruise is a truly unique way to see central Europe. From on board the elegant river cruiser, Royal Crown, you can sail into the very heart of iconic towns and romantic cities and explore the rich history and colourful entres this part of the world has to offer. 

Variety Cruises is one of the leadng yacht cruise lines worldwide, operating a fleet of 11 fully owned vessles offering travellers the Ultimate Yacht Cruise experience. 

Celestyal Cruise is the only home-porting cruise operator in Greece seving the Greek Islands. 


All of Discover Travel Shop’s cruise partners that sail throughout Europe including Hebridean Island Cruises, Variety Cruises and Celestyal Cruises offer an exciting range of optional excursions to make the most of your time ashore.

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